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2019 Summer Series – Babolat Middx Mini Masters

December 15, 2020

2019 Summer Series – Babolat Middx Mini Masters

In a compact and busy summer season, 68 Mini Red, 61Mini Orange and 35 Mini Green players competed for a place in the summer finals. A fun finals event was held alongside the Road to Wimbledon Finals at Paddington Recreation Grounds with 35 players invited to attend across the various age groups. Despite a rain delay start to the morning, the sun came out and made it an enjoyable say and setting for the finals. Starting with the red ball event, a special thank you to our scorers Rayan Mann, Angelie Modelina, Alex Renny, Jai Sambrini, Violette Molson, Devmini Fernando, Lydia Minko.

We had a number of close matches through both the boys and girls tournament with the longest match 14-12 in 17 minutes.

Alex McAleavy won the 8U Boys event after an All David Lloyd Finchley final against teammate Alex Edwards. Alex has been very supportive of the series and competed in many of the red events throughout the past year.

In the 8U Girls saw some top quality mini red matches, great rallies and close scores. Kimika sealed her place as winner with a very touch and close match over runner up Vasare Juknaite in the fourth round of matches. The orange event was again competitive and good to see more new players taking part. The winner of the boys was Karim, who won the 8U boys in the winter which showed good progress. A competitive race for second place with Skandar Povlsen and Thomas Gillen both winning 4 matches. Skandar won the head to head result and therefore finished the event runner up.

In the 9u girls, the winner was Vivienne Thomas and runner up was Vasare Juknaite. All the girls enjoyed the matches and the event. It was great to see players getting along and then giving it all on court.

This was the first 10U Finals of the Masters series. We had 7players – 5 boys and 2 girls invited to the finals. Each match was 1 short set to 4. We had some very close matches including sets lasting 30 -43 minutes which meant out 4.30finish was quickly swept aside. Solomon Dredzen went unbeaten in his 5 matches – including 2 tough tie breaks to claim the title, with Marcus Whiting to take the second place and Kenzo Roepke third. Sayali Joglekar finished in fourth place and Top ranked girl in the Series.

The winter 2019-20 Series will be launched on Saturday 21stSeptember at David Lloyd Heston in all events

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