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A Tennis Parent’s Survival Guide with Claire Taylor and Andrew Lewandowski

February 8, 2021

Thank you to the 34 attendees who tuned into Claire and Andrew’s discussion about Claire’s perspectives as a player, coach and mother.

What were the challenges Claire faced as a junior and what elements seem similar today?

·      Clubs prioritising adult’s tennis

·      Coaching started at 12

·      Lack of indoor courts

·      No weekend tournaments (only school holidays)

·      Entry into National Tournaments

Claire’s parents were supportive, made sacrifice financially and holidays / time wise however Claire led the decisions

Claire made the decision at 13, that she was going to pursue a career as a professional tennis player. Her best junior results came through later on, coming through qualifying to make the semi-finals at 16U and then going on to win the 18UNationals. Which led to Claire being offered the chance to train with the International squad at 18.

Claire’s first experience of Wimbledon, as a professional player, was the Main Draw Doubles with Emily Bond. The following year Claire faced Martina Navratilova on Centre Court, in the Wimbledon first round.

Louise Hutchinson: Louise’s daughter Holly is studying her masters as a US college with a tennis scholarship. For holly this provided great training opportunities and good education alongside opportunity to travel and play tournaments within the US.

Best Coaching Advice, Claire received: “You’re doing the right thing. Stick with it”

Claire’s coaching philosophy

·      Work with player, parent in a team. The relationship is nurturing their child.

·      Build a strong fundamental base and technique.

·      After matches, focus on development and improvement as opposed to just win/lose.

·      Look at long term development. What is final outcome that you are working towards?

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