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Babolat Middx Mini Masters 2018-2019 Winter Series

December 15, 2020

Following on from a successful summer, there was a huge desire to expand the series to allow more opportunities for players to compete.

In the Red event, we had 95 Middlesex players taking part across 22 Red events between September and March. As well as after introducing an orange event, we had 82 9U Middlesex players taking part across the 18 Grade 6 orange events in the series. Results from the Top 6 events count towards the Leaderboard and we had 11 red and 5 orange players exceeding this minimum.

The most committed player must be Alex McAleavy who took part in 19 red events across the winter. Our biggest indoor event was held at Islington with 32 Red players and our biggest outdoor event in February was run at Our Lady of Muswell – well done to the 27 players and referee Brenda as well as helpers who braved the cold to make it a success.

The Finals of the event were run at Hazelwood Sports Club in March. 8 players competed in the 8U Boys, 8U Girls and 9U Boys in Round Robin groups of 4, followed by Knockout stages. 7 players competed in the 9U girls in a Round Robin. 8U Boys winner was Karim El Sayed, Ealing LTC, who came through very powerfully in each tournament he played. A great effort.

Well done to runner up Elias Rahmatollahi who fought very hard in the final to make it an entertaining match.

8U Girls winner was Zoe Petheram, Islington LTC who came through some close matches in both round robin and knockout stages to win the final 10-8.

9U Boys William Mckay, Hartswood LTC won the final against Manu Seijas-Wright 10-7. William played consistently throughout the tournament.

9U Girls Daphne Lovdahl, Dukes Meadows. Daphne came through her finals matches with convincing wins. She really loved the series of tournaments which encouraged her and could see her progress through results.

Thank you to the scorers from Vicars Moor and Hazelwood

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