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Insights into US College System with Pippa Lane

July 13, 2020

Pippa Lane from Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment talks Middlesex Coaches through US College Options, and the application process.
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U.S. College sport is a proven nurturing ground for athletes; where else can you play an individual sport yet be part of a team. Those that have a competitive background and education will often find a match somewhere across the varying levels from Division 1 to 3, NAIA or Junior College.College sport is an amateur arena with professional standards. It’s an opportunity to submerge yourself in the competitive American culture, to learn life skills, to understand that ‘the team’ is bigger than any individual, to take on a challenge and face your fears, to know failing is the road to success, and to understand how tennis and education together combine to create future careers. What’s not to love
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