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Middlesex Extreme Heat Policy July 2022

July 14, 2022


As the Govt has now issued a RED EXTREME WEATHER ALERT the Middlesex Summer League advice regarding matches at the start of next week is now amended to:


As of 16 July, if either team does not wish to play a match on Mon. 18thJuly and Tues 19th July the match must be rescheduled and played by 19th August.


if a team does want to cancel a match, they must communicate this directly to the opposing captain as soon as possible and also inform the Divisional Secretary.



Please click here to see the LTA Extreme Heat Policy produced due to the high temperatures predicted over the next week.  

The Extreme Heat Policy lists two outcomes where temperature or Heat Stress index exceeds 34 degrees Celsius “Modification of Play” and where this exceeds 40.1 degrees Celsius “Suspension of Play”

 It is unlikely temperatures will reach 40.1 on either Temperature or Heat stress Index however, “Modification of Play” may come into play.


For weekend League matches, if possible, it may be worth considering starting matches earlier e.g.8.30 or 9.00 am so the singles is finished before the sunniest part of the day.

For evening or doubles only league matches, consider

·       Starting at 7.00pm

·       Taking a longer break in between sets to catch shade, cool down


Matches should only be rescheduled with the agreement of both teams.


Please take care to ensure you and your team have access to plenty of fluids, wear sun protection (hats, sun cream), keep in a shaded area in between matches, take extra breaks if needed.


For some tips from the Melanoma Fund’s campaign Sunguarding Sport , click here.

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