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Middlesex Tennis Player Performance Grant Programme Reminder 

February 5, 2020

Middlesex Tennis continue to support performance juniors across the county who are associated with our winning teams and training programme.

.The programme is aimed at players from 12 to 18 who have achieved a national ranking of 100 or better in their own age group and have shown loyalty and commitment in the past through regular and consistent attendance and participation within County Cup events when selected.

Benchmark criteria for the scheme include:

1. Players have to be in 2nd year 12u when they apply

2. Players must have a national ranking within top 100 as of January 1st 2020

3. Players must have demonstrated a strong track record of representing Middlesex Tennis, over the past year.

4. Players show a strong  intention of representing the County this year. 

5. Players will need to demonstrate how the grant will bring additionality the already organised programme.


Players wishing to apply for a grant should complete the application form which can be found under the performance tab of the Middlesex website.


Please note closing Closing date for applications: Friday 14th February, after which time applications will not be considered.


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