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Player ID and Development with Andrew Lewandowski

February 25, 2021

Over 30 Coaches and parents joined live to hear from Andrew Lewandowski talking about Player ID and Development.

Andrew talked through the stages of Talent Journey and the difference in definition of talent at different stages of the journey, for example at the first stage (Talent Attraction 3-6 years), the focus is getting everyone to try tennis, get interested and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment. There are also situational aspects such as culture which may impact at each of the stages in different ways.

On the development side, Andrew discussed Player Profiling and tools he uses and measures with players he works with. Players can have an off-court assessment or on-court assessment looking at aspects relevant to the player.

The sum of Aptitude + Deliberate Practice + Supportive Environment was given to make up Expert Performance.

To support recent webinars, Andrew highlighted the importance of involving parents and getting a buy in to create a supportive environment at all stages of the journey.

For Further information view the full slides here.

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