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Sadie's Day - Don't be afraid to be Great 2019

April 15, 2019

Sadie Bristow had food allergies from birth and was diagnosed as Anaphylaxis when she was 5. She was prescribed Epi-Pens and her allergies were managed and monitored. Over the years Sadie had several asthma attacks and Anaphylactic shocks leaving her hospitalised. She was severely allergic to dairy and some tree nuts. Growing up for Sadie was sometimes hard, no other child had allergies, as a family we always carried her safe alternatives and as she grew up she learnt to accept, she never complained and had become very good at reading labels.

In August 2018, Sadie suffered a sudden and unexplained Anaphylactic shock whilst out on a family picnic. We are not certain what caused the reaction but such was the severity Sadie was unresponsive to treatment and passed away the following day.

In honour of Sadie, her parents Clare and Stewart have formed the Sadie Bristow Foundation, to create a legacy for Sadie and ensure she continues to inspire people.

Read more about Sadie and Sadie's legacy by visiting her website:

Support the Sadie Bristow Foundation by holding a Sadie's Day at your club to Inspire others to play tennis and help create an awareness of allergies.

For hosting Sadie’s day at your club, we’re holding an event at Queens Club, London in August 2019 for a competent tennis player who’s shown determination, compassion and spirit during the day. The day will be fun, competitive, and organised to motivate and encourage tennis participation.

Donate to raise funds to train a nurse in the South East of England to become an allergy specialist.

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