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Salisbury Cup

July 27, 2021

Our 18u boys and girls teams competed for the Inaugural Edition of The Salisbury Cup.

This competition (named after Joe Salisbury, honouring his successes as a Grand Slam doubles champion and world number), will become a regular feature on the calendar hosted by Surrey and comprising additionally of Middlesex, Sussex and Kent Teams.

The event was held at St George’s College Weybridge, with each county playing a role within the organisation and contribution to the successful staging and running.

Albeit a challenge to get top players to represent us, due to the time of year and already full fixture list, our teams presenting themselves well, achieving a well earned 2nd place.

Middlesex also won a Joe Salisbury’s signed Grand Slam winning racket from the Australian Open, due to the quality of sportsmanship, team spirit and level of doubles.

Presentations were made by Jack Draper, fresh from his Wimbledon experiences, which was great to see for all of the teams.

Overall standings:

Surrey 1st

Middlesex 2nd

Kent 3rd

Sussex 4th.


Ronnie Maxwell

Otto Buchholdt


  • Aryan
  • Jago
  • Jogaile
  • Lina
  • Luca
  • Raahim
  • Saskia
  • Shanice

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