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Sadly we are in a Lockdown without access to Tennis courts. Whilst we hope to be back on court as soon as possible, please see below activity we are putting on over the next few weeks to keep in touch with everyone and keep everyone active.

Middlesex Quiz

7 teams... 25 zoom screens... approx. 40 people taking part. Peter Neathey as Quizmaster. Well done to Firecrackers on taking the Title.
Good to see everyone and catch up on the quiz!

Lockdown Challenge of the Week

Send into or Tag us on Social Media.

Aimed at our 12U to 18U Squads. We are looking to add on a session for 8U-11U squads as well.

Week 1: 50 Skips in 12 seconds.

Week 2: 3 Sets of 15 Box Jumps during your run.

Online County Training Sessions

  • Saturday 21st November 5.00-6.30 pm Developing Game Style, with Andrew Lewandowski

    Who is your role model and what game style do they play?
    What are your Top 3 strengths to help you develop your game style?
    What 3 things do you need to improve to develop your game style?
  • Sunday 22nd November 5.00 pm Fitness with Steve Green

    Steve recommends Stretching by Bob Anderson for a comprehensive stretching routine.
  • Saturday 28th November 5.00-6/30 pm Serve and Return, with Andrew Lewandowski

    Get your serve action reviewed by Andrew Lewandowski. Send a short video of your serve to with your coach contact details.

Online Session for Coaches and Parents

Thursday 19th November at 8pm Player Journeys
Andrew Lewandowski

Andrew calls upon his first hand knowledge of working with players in their formative years who have gone onto become some of the very best players in the world  today. Andrew will discuss the journeys of Andy and Jamie Murray and also track the emergence of our top female players including Katie Swan.

Instagram Live Q&A

We are organising a few Instagram Live Talks over the next few weeks with players and coaches involved with Middlesex Tennis.
Keep Tuned.