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10U - National Champions 2019!

June 14, 2019

Congratulations to both our 10U Teams and respective captains who played amazing tennis over the Qualifiers and Finals to become National Champions.

Match Report - National Finals

Both the Boys and Girls travelled the long journey to Sunderland for the National Finals. Starting off in the Round Robin Stages, the girls had an 8-0 win against Bucks tennis despite a tough fight from Bucks first player Annika. The boys had a tougher start to the weekend. Trian and Jacob pulled off2 Match tie-break wins in the singles to give Middlesex a 2-1 lead heading into the doubles. Unfortunately, couldn’t do the same in the doubles and the match went to a Tie break shootout. Trian and Jacob started off strong in the shootout and pulled off a big win against first seeds Herts.

A few fears emerged on Day 2 but the players remained strong to pull off victories – Boys winning 8-0 v Cheshire and 6-2 v Yorkshire. The girls won 6-2 against Cheshire and 8-0 v Kent meaning both teams earnt a place in the finals.

Middlesex Girls faced second seeds Hertfordshire. Hertsplayer Erika took the first rubber v Alice with a 5-3 5-3 win but Mika and Hollie fought back. With Mika winning 4-2 4-1 and Hollie did not miss in her singles match and sealed it 10-6 in the match tie break after a monstrous 100 shot rally and giving a 2-1 lead heading into the doubles. Mika and Celine teamed up and sealed the title with a 4-0 2-4 10-8 win.

In the boys, Middlesex faced defending champions Kent in the Finals. Jacob took an early lead 4-2 4-2 but Trian could not keep a 4-0 4-3 lead and lost 10-8 in the match tiebreak. Tommy from Kent was too strong forLeo and Kent held a 2-1 lead after the singles.

Jacob and Trian teamed up again to take the doubles 5-35-4(4) and force the third shootout of the campaign in the final. They held their nerve and took the shootout and the Title to make Middlesex Double National Champions.

The first time any county had held both 10U titles at the same time. Well played team.


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