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Middlesex Tennis consists of two full time staff and one part time staff who work together with the Management Board to create more opportunities for people in Middlesex to play and compete in tennis at all levels of the game.

Andrew Lewandowski

Tennis Manager

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Following the retirement of Tennis Development Manager John Love, Andrew has been appointed to the new and overarching role of Tennis Manager for Middlesex Tennis. This will involve overseeing the main priorities around club and venue support, competition, coach development as well as ensuring that appropriate environments are in place to make tennis safe, inclusive and enjoyable for all. In addition, Andrew will continue leading the performance programmes and county teams as we further build on the great successes across all of our teams and players over the past four years. Andrew has been associated with Middlesex Tennis for many years previously, having run very successful programmes at some of the leading member clubs in the county, the commercial sector and parks and schools programmes which continue to thrive. 
Andrew is an LTA Level 5 Accredited+ Coach with a wealth of experience having worked for many years for the LTA heading up junior national programmes and managing the team of LTA performance coaches. He is also an LTA qualified Coach Mentor and currently mentors some of the leading and up and coming coaches across Middlesex.    

Mark Bullock

Disabilities Co-ordinator

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Mark has more than 25 years of experience in Paralympic and disability sport. He is the former ITF Wheelchair Tennis Manager, ITF Wheelchair Tennis Development Officer and National Wheelchair Tennis Coach and has travelled to more than 80 countries developing wheelchair tennis. He has attended four Paralympic Games and two Olympic Games in a variety of roles from coach to Technical Delegate. Mark is also a Level 4 LTA qualified and accredited + coach and a Coach Mentor specialising in Inclusive Tennis.

Sangeeta Arora

Competitions Co-ordinator

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Sangeeta manages Middlesex competitions and leagues, administrates the County Training programme and County Cup events. Additionally, she takes the lead on website updates, Social Media and the production of the Middlesex newsletter.
Sangeeta is an experienced LTA / ABTO Referee and Competition Organiser and a Level 3 qualified and Accredited+ coach.

Katie Birtwistle

Team Administrator

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Katie has been involved in tennis for most of her life both through work and as a keen participant. Most recently she spent 13 years working for the LTA where she managed the delivery and day-to-day operations for LTA Coach Qualifications.

Katie is the Middlesex Tennis Team Administrator and works part-time on Wednesdays and Fridays.