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The Middlesex Winter Postal is an individual tournament, encompassing a range of age groups from Open to 55+.

Firstly, there is a Round Robin stage, where players arrange a mutually convenient time to play home and away matches.

Group winners progress to a Knockout draw and Finals will be played on a Finals day with LTA Umpires.

This is a fun way to meet more players and play more tennis.

2020-2021 DRAWS. Matches to be played by 28th February.

View 2019-20 draws here.

To submit results, please see instructions here or email

Top Tips for Organizing Matches

  • Get in touch with your opponents as early as possible
  • If you have not heard from one of your Away opponents - there is nothing to stop you getting in touch with them.
  • If your availability is limited, it may be easier to call your opponent (or their parent)
  • Work out how long the travel time is to get to an away venue
  • Use holidays (if you are not away) as a time to organize matches during the day when it may be easier to get courts.
  • Try to get half of your matches complete pre-Christmas. (Especially as October is mean to be one of the warmest on record)
  • If your club had any quirky rules about court bookings, please warn your opponent in advance.

Fair Play and On Court Issues

For juniors, it may be the first time a match is played unsupervised without a referee to call on. Therefore, players need to be more responsible in taking ownership of calls and keeping score.

  • If in doubt the ball is in
  • It is the player who’s side the ball is on decision on line calls and double bounces. If you think your player has made an error – it happens and is not always deliberate. Ask them if they are sure then move on.
  • The scorer should call the score before each point
  • Use scoring devices to help with games…it can be pen and paper
  • Use holidays (if you are not away) as a time to organize matches during the day when it may be easier to get courts
  • Parents – please try to let players work it out themselves first. If you have to get involved, try to ensure both parents i.e. one from each player discusses what has happened. And agree on a solution to get the match moving forward.