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Middlesex Tennis are here to support Middlesex Clubs through providing funding opportunities, equipment hire for open days or competitions and can help advise on any queries clubs may have (or direct you to someone who can help).

Defibrillator Offer

In partnership with London Hearts

We are offering Middlesex Tennis registered clubs a chance to buy a discounted Defibrillator with London Hearts Charity.

In addition to this Middlesex Tennis are offering a Grant of £225 to the first 25 clubs taking up this offer.

Why is this important?
There are 30 000 cardiac arrests outside of hospitals on average per year in the UK.
The survival rate improves from 6% to over 70% with CPR and a Defibrillator with early treatment.

Middlesex Tennis Club Ball Offer - Click Here

For EVERY 12 DOZEN Babolat Tennis balls purchased* by a club within the county, the club will receive 1 dozen of the same tennis ball free of charge.

Contact Andrew Lewandowski for more information.

*Babolat Team Clay, Team, Team All Court, and Gold All Court

Online Forums

We hear from local clubs about their experiences and what has worked for them. These forums are a place to explore ideas and share experiences to create discussion and develop tennis locally.

Teddington LTC - Slides

Growing Members
Parsons Green
Thistleworth LTC
LTA Resource
Redhill LTC

LTA Venue Forums

LTA Venue Forums will be delivered online this year due to Covid19 restrictions. Each forum is scheduled to last approx. 60 minute and will be delivered by a member of an LTA regional team. You can attend any of the given dates in any region though you may prefer to attend one in your own region.
Go to the LTA website for more information and to book a place.


The LTA venue registration process was redesigned in 2020 to make it available and more applicable to a wider range of venue types – local authority sites, educational establishments, commercial providers as well as traditional members clubs. Existing registered venues will continue to be able to access all of their existing benefits. Additionally, a new central payment process is being introduced, this will require venues to pay their registration fee online at the time of completing their online registration details.

LTA FAQs to assist venues. Click here.