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Middlesex Tennis are here to support Middlesex Clubs through providing funding opportunities, equipment hire for open days or competitions and can help advise on any queries clubs may have (or direct you to someone who can help).

Defibrillator Offer

In partnership with London Hearts

We are offering Middlesex Tennis registered clubs a chance to buy a discounted Defibrillator with London Hearts Charity.

In addition to this Middlesex Tennis are offering a Grant of £225 to the first 25 clubs taking up this offer.

Why is this important?
There are 60 000 cardiac arrests outside of hospitals on average per year in the UK.
The survival rate improves from 6% to over 70% with CPR and a Defibrillator with early treatment.

Middlesex Tennis Club Ball Offer - Click Here

For EVERY 12 DOZEN Babolat Tennis balls purchased* by a club within the county, the club will receive 1 dozen of the same tennis ball free of charge.

Contact Andrew Lewandowski for more information.

*Babolat Team Clay, Team, Team All Court, and Gold All Court

Funding Opportunities

For Middlesex Loans please see here.

See below funding and grants from the LTA and Sport England which may be of interest: