Disability - Inclusive Tennis

Bright Ideas for Tennis together with Middlesex Disability Tennis Coordinator Mark Bullock, arranged for 8 players to take part in an all-inclusive tennis session, which was filmed to raise awareness of how inclusive tennis is.  

The players were...
  • Joe Salisbury - 2020 Australian Open Double Champion
  • Anna Smith - GB Billie Jean King Cup player, and former Top 50 WTA ranked player
  • Lucy Shuker - National Wheelchair champion, 3 time Paralympian, top 5 World ranked
  • Esah Hayat - Deaf National Doubles Champion, triple medallist (1 gold, 2 silver) at the 2019 World Deaf Championships
  • John Willis - Quadruple Amputee, current CEO of Power2Inspire
  • Naomi Jackman - representing the Mental Health community
  • Lily Mills - 4 time National Champion (Learning Disability), Double Gold medallist Special Olympics
  • Rachel Morgan - 2 x National Champion, 2 x World Champion B1(totally blind)
The goal of our video is to prove that:
  • Tennis can be totally inclusive·
  • Mixed disabilities can play together
  • Everyone can enjoy tennis
  • No matter what your disability, tennis is one of the best sports for your physical health and mental well-being.
To support the work of promoting inclusive tennis in the County we would like venues to answer the following questions & send your responses to mark.bullock@middlesextennis.org.uk by 1st March 2021.  

1. Do you have an Inclusion Officer on your committee?
2. Do you offer a concessionary disability membership?
3. Is inclusive tennis a regular agenda item at Committee meetings? 

Tennis is for everyone. We aim to help players find the right session for them. We support clubs and coaching programmes to offer more inclusive sessions to ensure players can access tennis locally.

Mark Bullock is our Disability Tennis Co-ordinator - find out more about him here.

The LTA manages disability tennis in Great Britain. They offer a series of competitions for different impairments for all levels from Beginner to International. Visit the LTA Website here to find out about different impairments, and the tennis competition pathways on offer.

Get Involved

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Cluster Forums

If you are a club or coach and would like to introduce or enhance inclusive tennis sessions please contact Mark at mark.bullock@middlesextennis.org.uk and/or visit our Cluster Forums to find out how we can help. In our Cluster Forums we work with clubs and coaches to develop a plan and share ideas.

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These include a series of interviews with players, coaches and volunteers put together by our Disability Coordinator Mark Bullock.