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Our Management Board is made up of Volunteers who have had involvement in Middlesex Tennis throughout the years. They meet regularly throughout the year.

Management Board

  • John James, President
  • David Watts, Chairman
  • Peter Skeggs, Treasurer
  • Hilary Watts, Secretary
  • Brenda Stewart, Competitions Representative
  • Louise Hutchinson, Performance Advisor &  LTA Councillor
  • Valerie Willoughby, Funding and Seniors Representative

Advisory Groups

  1. Performance Group:
    John Love, Andrew Lewandowski, Louise Hutchinson
  2. Funding Advisory Group:
    Valerie Willoughby, John Love, David Watts, Peter Skeggs
  3. Competitions Advisory Group:
    Brenda Stewart, Sangeeta Arora, Jemima Morris
  4. Disciplinary Advisory Group:
    Brenda Stewart, John James and Hilary Watts
  5. Sponsorship and Wimbledon:
    John Love, David Watts, John James
  6. Communications (social media, newsletter etc):
    Sangeeta Arora, Louise Hutchinson, Mark Bullock
  7. Disability Advisory Group:
    Mark Bullock, Jemima Morris, John James