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Our Parents Group is headed Up by Laura Marks.

The group aims:

  1. To provide Feedback and Insight into the Middlesex Tennis Performance Programme
  2. Suggest and organise social gatherings
  3. Attract and build a bank of parents to be involved in volunteering capacities as they arise

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Workshops for Parents

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Parent-Player Mental Skills Series

In a Middlesex Tennis first, we will be running a series of 4 * 1 hour online sessions for both parents and players, focused on helping you make sense of the psychological demands of tennis and work together to develop the skills to navigate these demands effectively so you can thrive in competition.
£15.00 per session or £50.00 for all 4 webinars
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Optimal Competition Parenting Workshop

LTA workshop developed with Loughborough University.
The Role of Parents in competition, Communicating with your child before, during and after competition and managing emotional demands of competition.

Nurturing your Child’s Psychosocial Skills through Tennis

LTA Parent webinar. A follow up to Optimal Competition Parenting, this aims to further develop parents knowledge and Roles through the 5C's framework.

Research Studies

1. Relationships in Youth Tennis

Participation in youth tennis can be a stressful experience not only for athletes, but for their parents and coaches. Research has shown that positive relationships between parents, athletes, and coaches can improve athletic experiences. However, there is limited research which has gathered the perspectives from all members and looked to understand the nature of these relationships. Ultimately, this research aims to improve the experiences that parents, athletes, and coaches have by facilitating positive relationships in youth tennis.

If you believe you meet the criteria for this study and are interested in participating, please contact the lead investigator: Ella Williams |

Participant Flyer and Eligibility
Child Participant Information Form
Child Participant Information Form (For Parents)
Adult Participant Information Form

2. Implications of social support for junior tennis players

Research has shown that familial support and sense of partnership with leaders (coaches) can improve performance, and that athletes’ self-confidence, perception of control and positive or negative mental approach, predict their management of competitive situations. Links between such relationships and these psychological factors have not been investigated within the junior tennis population, which is the purpose of myresearch. I am conducting this research as part of my MSc Sports Psychology degree with Staffordshire University, and am looking to recruit children aged 12-17 years old, who (when possible) play regular competitive tennis and have a current tennis coach. There is no minimum level or rating to participate in this study, and it involves the completion of a 10-20 minute online survey.The aims of this research are to investigate to what degree social support predicts the psychological factors which are known to be influential upon management of competitive situations, to potentially further research in this area, and to help inform parents and coaches of best practices.
If you or your child would be interested in participating or learning more about the study, please contact the researcher Pippa Downes

Participant Information Sheet
Participant Consent Form