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County Training Survey 2018-19: You Asked ... We Did....

April 11, 2020

You Asked.... We Did...

More Coaching Support at Tournaments

Our County Cup Captains have visited and supported over 20 Events from September 2019 under our Tournament Support Programme.These have been predominantly Grade 1-3 events where Middlesex have had representation from 3 or more players. These visits have involved assisting with warm ups, Pre- and Post- match discussions and match analysis.

Help with Sports Psychology and Coping with Pressure.

We have introduced the services of Julie Blackwood, sports psychologist. Julie has visited county training sessions 10U-16U to work with players. We have also had three parent seminars "Keeping Girls Playing through teenage years" and "Pressure". These have been very well received.

Fitness, Dealing with Injuries, Scheduling and Nutrition

Steve Green has supported our county training sessions with fitness training. He has also addressed issues such as scheduling, injuries and nutrition with editions of The Trainer.

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More 2018-19 Suggestions. These are being looked into and considered.

  • Planning and Scheduling Tournaments
  • University Tennis Options
  • Individual Feedback
  • Optimal Competition Parent Workshops
  • Help with Wildcards
  • Level 1 - 3 Coaching Qualifications.
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