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Performance Journeys with Mark Bullock

February 10, 2021

Mark Bullock, Middlesex Disability Coordinator and Inclusive Sports Development Advisor Coach has a rooted experience of working at all levels of disability sport from beginners to Paralympians / World Title Holders.

During this talk, Mark talked through his career starting off at Nottingham Tennis Centre alongside Paralympian and British Paralympic Director, Tim Reddish. And the athletes he has worked with and shared his key learnings from the athletes he worked with.

Key Learnings from Mark’s Journey which can be applied to all coaching scenarios

ü It is important to work in a collaboration with your athlete and possibly other coaches to create the optimum environment for your athlete to succeed.

ü The journey is a discovery process, and learn as much as possible about the competition landscape, formats and rules, opposition

ü Learn what is possible and adapt

Mark's slides are available to County Training Players and Middlesex Coach Network Coaches in our Resource section.

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